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Ponds and streams

One can hardly imagine a more attractive thing than an artificial pond in Kiev area around the cottage. To have well-arranged trees, vivid flowerbeds, a fresh lawn and green roofs already means to obtain a good landscape design. However, a water zone changes everything for better at once. When there is no natural water source, home owners resort to make artificial water bodies. What advantages do you get along with an artificial pond?

  • Visual delight – looking at water is known to calm down people and eliminate stress.
  • Acoustic enjoyment – listening to <strongstyle="font-weight:normal;">artificial streams murmuring in the garden can take your thoughts to the farthest corners of the world.
  • Psychological health – keeping in mind the mentioned facts, ponds have far more beneficial effects on home owners than just as a part of a beautiful landscape.

These are the main profits you can get from having a waterfall, stream or any other pond near your cottage. If you are interested in adding some water to your area, make sure you consult professionals in creating artificial ponds. “Garden Technology” is proud of such knowledgeable specialists who have the necessary expertise and long-term experience because making streams, ponds or waterfalls is one of our key activity areas.

OUR WORK ON ponds and streams

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