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Landscaping area

озеленение киев

What is the major goal of area greening in Kiev? Surely, everyone agrees it lies in creating picturesque natural corners which will bring conciliation and happiness with their bright green grass and flowers. Before the actual start of area greening, you should take into account all important information concerning its microclimate.

Factors playing the greatest role in area greening

Among things which mostly influence the outcome of any Kiev greening area project, one can indicate the following:

  • Climate. It affects the type of plants to grow in the area. The climate factor has a direct impact on greening since various plants have individual temperature limits for substantial development.
  • Infield lightness. Plants you are going to include to your landscape design can be light demanding or shade requiring, which is also vital to bear in mind.
  • Humidity level of soil. Do not forget that plant nutrition depends on the amount of water in the soil.

What’s better: unassisted areatransformation or landscape artists services?

To get area greening of high quality implies a challenging series of measures requiring professional knowledge, skills and experience. By turning to “Garden Technology” qualified specialists you will distinctly fulfill your dream of a marvelous green area.

OUR WORK ON green areas

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