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Automatic watering

системы автоматического полива

Any home owner is proud of their attractive infield but quite often it takes lots of time and energy to maintain. To simplify the process, you can make use of automatic watering in Kiev which is designed to keep the grass in a perfect condition. They imply a list of unquestionable benefits:

  • it’s possible to water the territory at the pre-set time;
  • unmanned stand-alone use – watering is managed automatically by transmitting signals from the main controller to local stations situated in the spray zone;
  • it enables to automatically regulate spray zones – from all the area to some specific spots;
  • water saving – the system can identify when it is raining so as not to waste water.

Although to install automatic watering seems quite easy in handling, it requires the appropriate and skilful adjustment. Thus, it might be a good idea to have trained experts from “Garden Technology” do all the tuning job. Considering peculiarities of the relief and your preferences, our specialists will choose and install all the necessary elements of Kiev automatic watering system to guarantee its flawless functioning. We are committed to your complete satisfaction, so we scrupulously perform all steps from making up a project to fulfilling it so that you forget about this mundane duty to water your lawn by hand.

OUR WORK ON Automatic watering

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